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Insanity by Lauren Hammond

Insanity (Asylum #1)Insanity by Lauren Hammond
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WOW....I'm not sure how to start this review. I read it a few days ago and I still can't get the events that unfolded out of my head. It was trippy. First of all, I don't really like books about insane asylums because they scare the shit out of me. Literally, they freak me out to the point of like insanity. LOL but after friends reviews and racve about this book I figured I would give it a shot. HOLY. SHIT.! This was a crazy, trippy, rollercoaster of emotions and it only got worse by the end. I was sobbing, screaming, panting, gauging my eyes out and yelling WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????? My God, this was one fucked up story. But for some reason I could not put it down til I finished it. I read it in ONE DAY!!! I put off writing and reading and other things that needed to be done because this book had a pull of some sort and I could not function unless I was reading this. The author is definitely good at keeping you guessing and wanting more. I was at the edge of my seat and practically falling off the couch at some of the revelations. I was able to guess a couple of things but O.M.G. there were things that had me flipping out.

Adelaide was an abused girl. Her mother left her at age 10 and her father was a raging alcoholic. He hit her and always called her a whore because she looked like her mother. She wasn't allowed to do anything and didn't have any friends. It was a lonely life for Addy. Until she meets Damian, a sexy rich boy with blue blue eyes that are so captivating. They get to know each other over months and sneak out to be together when her dad is asleep and dead to the world. Damian's family doesn't really accept her because she's not a rich snobby bitch like his mother. But he doesn't care. He loves her and would do anything for her. He plans on going to college in Seattle, but once he meets the love of his life, things change. Although, he still plans on attending for the first half of school. Then they plan on running away together, he wants to get Addy away from her piece of shit father so they can start a new life together. It's a great plan, really the best plan they could ever wish for.

But things change and she ends up in an asylum instead. She's not sure how or why she ended up there. But one thing she knows for sure, the place for the insane is not for getting better....but for getting worse. Her doctor wants her to forget what she's got a new doctor who has other plans. His one priority is to help her piece together her past. And wow, she eventually remembers and comes head to head with the painful, horrifying events that brought her into this creepy place. And once she realizes what lead her, she's a changed person...and so are you.

Brace yourself for this epically told story that will haunt your dreams and become your nightmare for a long time to come. I guarentee you, this will stay in your brain and it will consume you. I seriously was so disturbed my mind was filled with the tragedy that struck this girl and it gave me headaches. I really liked Addy's character. She was such a lost and tortured soul. It was heartbreaking. I cried so much and when I started to piece things together, I started screaming in my head. Then there were a few times I guessed wrong but then I was right afterall. It was horrible, I wished I wasn't right. I was left screaming and sobbing at the same time. But one thing I knew for sure, I hated her God damn father with every fiber of my being. I wanted to beat that mother fucker with a ten foot pole then bury his fucking body in a ditch and burn that place down til there was nothing left but ashes. OMG. I really hate that son of a bitch. I mean the things he did, holy shit. Just thinking about it now makes me body tense in anger and he's a friggin fictional character. But those that have read this understand my anger and hatred for that dirty poor excuse of a man. You learn so much by the end, things that hit you like a ticking time bomb and it crushes your windpipe. You're left breathless. The author has a way of making you feel everything Addy is going through. It's so emotional and tragic and gutwrenching. You begin to wonder how the Hell a 17 year old girl could have so much to deal with in her life and still be sane. But then again, she's not really sane is she? I mean, well having Damian in her life is the only thing keeping her from putting a bullet in her head. I can't give too much away so this review is gonna be relatively short compared to my other reviews. But I will say....Damian. Oh Damian. I loved him so. *SOB SOB* Thinking about him makes my heart ache. So I'm gonna end my review before I give myself a migraine.

Go and buy this really is amazing! Disturbing..but amazing nonetheless. There is a sequel coming soon which I thank God because I still have so many questions that need to be answered. All of the pain, heartache and anger I endured while reading this is worth the read because of how this story is told. I definitely recommend it. Just warning though, you might want to read it when you have a day to devote because once you start it you won't stop. You can't stop.

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