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Torn Wing Blog Tour-DREAM CAST

About the author:

Kiki Hamilton is the author of THE FAERIE RING fantasy series and a YA contemporary novel entitled THE LAST DANCE which will be released Spring 2013. She believes in magic and the idea of hidden worlds co-existing with our own. Kiki lives near Seattle, though she dreams of living in London one day. 




London 1872
A bloody escape, a deadly threat, a shocking revelation… As an orphan who stole the Queen’s ring – only to find the ring was a reservoir that held a truce between the world of Faerie and the British Court – Tiki’s greatest fear suddenly becomes all too real: the fey have returned to London seeking revenge. As war escalates in the Otherworld, Queen Victoria’s youngest son, Prince Leopold, is attacked. In order to protect her family and those she loves, Tiki needs to know the meaning of an fáinne sí, the birthmark that winds around her wrist. But will she be brave enough to face the truth?

My Review: 5/5 Stars

This was a fantastic sequel to the Faerie Ring! First of all, I want to thank the lovely Jean BookNerd and Kiki Hamilton for allowing me to be apart of this wonderful blog tour! I had always fancied these amazing covers! I wanted to read these books last year and was so excited when Jean asked me to be in the tour for The Torn Wing and said of us getting the ARC. Thank you ladies so much!

Now on with the review. This book picked up where we left off from the Faerie Ring. Tiki returned the ring and was hoping her problems were over. But that was not the case. It seems Tiki and Reiker have a whole new slew of problems under their belts. Including some shocking revelations. Geez, poor Tiki can't seem to get a break. In this book we find our beloved heroine facing a war. She must find a way to keep her family safe from danger and in doing so, she has to leave Clara, Toots, Shamus and Fiona behind to discover who she is and what it is Larkin needs her to do. But not without the support of our sexy Reiker. I gotta say, I'm quite taken to this fellow. He is such a selfless swoony guy that just really tugs on my heart, the way he is always willing to do anything for Tiki. I really hope we see more romance brewing in the next book. Like ALOT more between them. I need more romance!! But I know right now there is more to worry about than them romancing at the moment. Maybe once the war is over, we can see them happily have an HEA? I hope. Anyway, I loved Clara and Toots and I'm a big fan of Fiona. She's a great friend to Tiki. I don't trust Larkin and Shamus is great too. All of this stuff we find out about Larkin and Tiki is just nuts-jawdropping revelations. But the ending was a perfect cliffhanger. It left me saying...."That's it? Am I missing a page? Nooooo" and it's always good when that happens. I really want the next book now!

The KIKI you are very good at descriptive writing. I was amazed by the facts and different places you included in this book. It made me want to take a trip to London and visit just as you mentioned in the beginning of the book. It was all so fascinating to me. I also loved the Gaelic language. I have to admit I had to resort back to the definitions at times, but it was still awesome. Great job though. I really felt like I was there, seeing everything in person along with the characters. I wish I was. I love these characters, this book was amazing! I highly recommend this series! You won't be disappointed! Easy FIVE stars from me.

Below here is my DREAM CAST, it might not be accurate and you may disagree but this is just MY dream cast. So you don't have to agree. So give me your thoughts...I'd love to hear them!

TIKI: Emma Roberts

REIKER:Avan Joggia

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Kiki Hamilton said...

Hi Little Miss Sunshine - thank you so much for your wonderful review of THE TORN WING! I'm so glad you liked the book and thank you for taking part in Jean Book Nerd's blog tour! I loved your cast of characters - especially Rieker - cute! ;-)

goddess793 said...

Thank you Kiki. I enjoyed it! Your books are amazing! I am eagerly awaiting the next one....

*hint hint* lol

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