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Not Yet by Laura Ward


Emma Harris is learning that life is just a series of lessons.Lesson
#1: Nothing goes the way you plan.Lesson #2: You can’t trust men.
Especially not the pretty ones.Lesson #3: Turns out, appearances
are almost always deceiving.

Emma thinks she has life all figured out, and what she knows isn’t
good. For years, she’s put her big sister, who was born with Down
syndrome, first. Now Emma’s ready to start her own life, but fate
has other plans. To do the right thing for the sister she loves,

Emma’s dreams will just have to wait.
She doesn’t plan on meeting Landon — a rich, flirtatious jock,
who never has to wait for anything. Not for attention, not for
money, and certainly not for girls. Meeting Emma marks the first
time in his life that he’s had to fight for something. And Landon
doesn't know how to lose.

Emma has no interest in wasting her summer with a superficial guy
like Landon. But very soon she realizes she is wrong about him.
The question is, can she trust him? Or will he let her down like
every other guy in her life? But most importantly, can Emma trust
herself enough to live the life she's always dreamed of?
Life has a way of sneaking in the most important lessons when you
aren't looking. And once the heart gets involved, that's when the
real learning begins.

My Review

5++++ Read

First of all, I owe Laura a huge THANK YOU for giving me an ARC of this wonderful little gem. I stumbled upon it, the cover actually, from an email of one of the blogs I follow. The cover intrigued me instantly and then the blurb sold me on it. I contacted Laura, asking for an ARC and she happily obliged. This was one of those books I started and couldn't put down. It was a Friday night I started and cancelled my plans so I could stay home and just read.

From the moment Landon entered the screen on my kindle, I knew I would love him. First of all, the book takes place in the summer. Both MC's are working at the pool as lifeguards. Landon's a football player and starting school in the fall. He's popular, well-liked, athletic, charming, smart, sexy...sexy...sexy. And every chapter with his POV, I was either smiling or swooning. Or drooling. Whatever. But later on in the story, we learn some secrets about our tortured hero. My heart went out to him. I hated his parents. I loved his friends...well, there were times I wanted to beat one of them in particular up, but eventually it changed. I was happy.

Our protagonist, Emma has to learn life lessons the hard way. Her home life isn't all it seems. Her mom's a waitress, barely making ends meet. Her sister has Down's Syndrome, so she keeps her personal life to herself. That is until she and Landon spend more time together. They both learn a lot about life and love, all the while trying to keep their scorching attraction from getting in the way. But honestly, from the moment they meet, it's totally there. I was rooting for these two to get together. But I also loved seeing their relationship grow and develop at a steady pace. The sexy times were just off the charts. My kindle was melting with all the hot steam. Hot damn! Laura sure can write an intense sex scene!

But this story was more than just sex and fighting attraction. It was also fighting against circumstances and for what you believe in. These two didn't have it easy. A huge twist towards the middle really had me gritting my teeth and wanting to scream. But the way both Landon and Emma handled it was really mature and understandable. Their journey to find and keep love was a heartbreaking and inspiring one.

I loved Evie. She was such a fireball. She was strong and funny and so adorable, especially with her boyfriend Garrett. Landon's interactions with Evie were so heartwarming, I swooned and awwwwed, so much. He truly became the rock Emma needed in her life. He stuck up for her when needed and he fought for her the whole way. His love was sincere and sweet.

I highly recommend this book to romance lovers. It's a story about love, life and fighting the obstacles we face to get where we wanna be. The writing was engaging and flowed effortlessly. I don't even remember if there were errors, but if they were, it didn't take away from the story one bit. Like I said, once I started...I couldn't stop. It's a story to experience with characters that will break and warm your heart all at once.

Great job, Laura! I will definitely be reading more of your work. And thanks again for sending me an ARC.

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About the Author

Laura Ward lives in Maryland with her loud and very loving three
children and husband. She married her college sweetheart and is
endlessly grateful for the support he has given her through all their
years together, and especially toward her goal of writing books.
When not changing diapers, driving to lacrosse practice, or
checking spelling homework, Laura is writing or reading romance

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