Friday, November 9, 2012

CHOICES-Cover Reveal


Gracie had everything planned when it came to her future. She was set to go to California with her scholarship-jock boyfriend, attend college, get a degree, and maybe sometime later when they were older and successful, they would get married and start a family. But all of that was taken by the passion of one careless night. A night that changed everything.

After days of sickness it becomes apparent that she’s pregnant, and the choices she must make now will change her life forever. Her senior year will not be filled with making stupid mistakes such as, getting drunk at parties, or worrying about school events. But whether her doctor’s appointment is next week or how to eat and sleep for her baby’s well-being.

This story tells of the experiences an expectant teenage mother goes through as a part of her is shaped by the news of her pregnancy and how true love is not just words but actually being there for that person when they’re most in need, despite the circumstances.

Book ONE in a trilogy coming in December


Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said...

Cute new website Annie! Had you told me I could have helped with your cover reveal on my blog. Or review is or something. :-)

goddess793 said...

Oh boo! Well, there is still time. You can still do that! It won't be out til next month, so if you want to put it on your blog-by all means, please do! And if you want to review it, I am taking requests for arcs that will be out at the end of the month, so let me know! :)
Thank you!!

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