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Callum and Harper by Fisher Amelie

Callum & HarperCallum & Harper by Fisher Amelie
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WOW, oh my Jesus. That shit was intense. Oh fuck me, this is another Chasing Nikki. I can't read this, it's too much. Oh shit, help me I can't stop sobbing my eyes are going to fall out!! DIE YOU SICK BASTARD!!!! When do they get a break?? You've got to be fucking kidding me!!!

Those thoughts were all going through my head while reading this book. There was alot more soaring out of my mouth but alot was worse so I am trying to keep it clean, a little. My brain is still fogged and my eyes are still swollen since I cried the last half of this book. Actually I cried about every chapter but the last 100 pages or so were nonstop sobs and screaming. This was an intense and suspenseful story. So many emotions consume you at one time. It's a god damn rollercoaster that gets so out of control you feel like you're in the air ready to free fall. It was freaky. But nonetheless, it was a hell of a good story that taught me so much about life and the hands we are dealt with. It's a tragic turned love story that captivates you from start to finish. You're constantly at the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. I swear it took so much energy out of me from the time I started page one til the time I stopped reading just now. My head is literally spinning.

Callum Tate and Harper Bailey were an unlucky pair since they were born. Callum was 4 years old when his real parents died and he happened to be in his car seat when it happened during the accident and was saved only by the seat belt keeping him in place. Since then he was taken into Social Services and hopped from family to family until he was 16 years old. He never had a real family. He never experienced any kind of love. No one wanted him. The only friend he ever did have in high school was killed by a stupid punk drug dealer, in front of him. His parents kicked him out and that's when he stopped trying to find a family. He knew he was doomed and would never be accepted into a loving family. *blows nose and wipes tears*
Harper Bailey was left at the hospital the day she was born by her drug and alcoholic whore mother. She jumped from family to family, trying to fit in...somewhere. But eventually no one really wanted her because she became a trouble maker...doing questionable things that got her suspended from school. She was at a family who also fostered another child her age. She wanted to befriend him but realized what a sick piece of fucking shit he was when he tried to rape her in her room late at night. He practically beat her and threatened her life and she felt trapped and did what he said. Until she decided to lock her door at night and he would pound on her door waking the family up. Then when the foster parents realized he was a crazy lunatic, she left and never found another home.

Callum and Harper are sitting at Social Services one day when they both notice each other. They can't help their attraction for one another, it's undeniable. After Harper puts her name on the waiting list for a permanent family she's told it could be a year before she gets anything. So she leaves and heads for a shelter, coincidentally leaving the building the same time Callum does. What are the odds? Well as they stand in line, he gathers up the nerve to talk to her and ask where she's going. She tells him and again, it's coincidence....he says that's where he's heading. He offers her a ride on his motorcycle. So they stand in line and wait...wait for a place to rest their head for some hours. Wait, for a place where they don't have to be on the streets. Then when waiting is over, they're told there are no more cots and the door is shut in their face. So Callum finds a pay phone at a gas station and phones a friend, where they stay for a few days.

Overtime, Callum and Harper's friendship grows as they realize they are so much alike. They come from the same fucked up, sad and lonely lives. They only have each other to lean on and Callum becomes responsible...wanting to take care of Harper. He realizes his feelings for her are turning into something more. As does she. But neither of them act on it because, while they like each other....alot they also have built a foundation on a friendship so strong that no amount of scissors can cut through. (I know that sounds lame....I couldn't think of the analogy I wanted, I'm in a daze. Forgive me). So not wanting to ruin the only stable relationship they've really ever had in their lives, they don't want to ruin it. Eventually Callum and Tate become so close, it scares the shit out of them. They work together at a restaraunt that helps them keep a steady flow of cash. Harper becomes very aquainted with Callum's older generous band friends he met years before. They take them under their wing as Callum has taken Harper under his. His dream is to be a spite of all he went through in life, he never crushed or gave up on his dream. Even when he was nothing, had nothing...he never gave up hope. Afraid of being rejected, Harper told him she didn't want to go to school. The counselor pulled some strings and got her in. They made enough money to get an apartment and pay for the tuition. Then they got robbed on the subway, after hours and hours of hard labor, work, lack of sleep and time they put in to getting something under their belts. Oh then there was a fire...claiming everything they possessed and worked hard for. Talk about shitty luck. No matter where they turned, something was keeping them from having a decent life. Just when they were getting some where, their lives crumpled to the floor. But the worst thing was when that son of a bitch from Harper's past came barreling back into her life and put their lives in grave danger. He was a psycho path if I ever saw one, claiming that Harper was his. He ruined many lives to get to her. He was relentless and demented. He literally made me sick to my stomach at the things he did to her. I was practically dry heaving in some parts. I dare to say he was worse than Valentine Morgenstern, evil as can be.

Needless to say, she almost lost her life. It was so close, I almost quit reading. I swear, it felt like it was headed in the direction of Chasing Nikki and after the shit they'd been through their entire lives I couldn't bear the thought of Callum losing her for good. I sobbed out loud and had to catch my breath numerous times. It felt more like a murder mystery than a love story. But I kept on reading and glad I did. I won't tell you what happens but I will say this book will make you think twice about bitching at the things you don't have and thank God for the things you do have. Because these two 18 year olds had nothing and they still believed that somehow they were going to be okay. Why? Because Callum said so.

Okay, so let me say one thing first. This book was probably not edited fully because there were several grammar errors throughout. I found myself correcting sentences or doing a double take to make sure that was written that way or this way and not like I was imagining it or something. There were many errors that were pretty obvious I'll admit. But regardless of that, I continued to read because to me it's more about the story itself that matters. Yes, grammar matters too but I didn't let it disuede me from finding out what happened to these beloved characters. As a writer myself, I can say that people don't realize how much effort and work goes into telling a story. It's not easy in the slightest. Maybe with an editor, it's of course easier and a piece of cake. But it costs alot of money to get an editor. This was definitely a breath of fresh air. A new kind of hope and love story that was so remarkable as it was tragic. I've never thought about how homeless people live. It's the saddest thing ever. And seeing it written down in full view in vivid detail is so much worse. I felt so much sadness for these two characters that I truly wished I could reach into my nook, scoop them up and keep them safe with me. Oh my God, this was. It was just so heartbreaking.

The storyline was different from anything I've ever read. And I've read in reviews that the "insta love" part was unrealistic. Uh, first off, there was somewhat of insta love but it was never acted on til like over halfway through. There were events that took place that just shattered your soul watching them go through it, was so real and devastating. There were few happy moments for Callum and Harper. They were being chased by some douche bag who was so demented and sick, he made Sebastian look sane. Well, sorta. Don't quote me on that but that's how I felt. That son of a bitch needed some serious psycho therapy or something. He put the EVIL in DEVIL. *cringes at thoughts of him* This story was so beautiful...yet tragic all at the same time. I literally could not sit down and read for too long. I was pacing around with my nook in hand punching my fist in the air and kicking my feet out, instinctively. It was the weirdest thing. I loved the characters in this book. First off, it alternates between Callum and Harper's pov which is freakin awesome! I loved Callum's head the most. He's the most sexy amazing guy in fiction. Dammit, Jace...I didn't mean that baby! You're still my #1!!! But really, he's made my top 10 because he's just nothing but amazing, caring, sexy, generous and just irresistable. Once you meet him, you instantly fall in love with him. So yea, this insta love crap people are doesn't quite work that way and let me tell you....I screamed for it to happen. I begged and pleaded hoping my nook would surprise me with something hot or sensual. Fucking A...I get kisses here and there and some flirting but nothing beyond that the first half of the book. I was ready to die. But really, it made their story much better. It made their story more personal and attracting. I found that it was fine that way. I got to see their side and I knew how each of them felt, so I was satisfied with how it worked out. This book is so recommended to everyone. I kid you not, it will change your life in more ways than one. Callum and Harper have a place in my heart so deep that no one can replace heart is running out of room, seeing as though many characters have a special place somewhere there.

I think everyone should make an effort to read this. It will open your eyes to so many things you were once too blind to see. I still have a heavy heart right now, which is why I'm ending my review now because I can hardly think and I'm sure I'm missing some points I wanted to harp on but too tired and wore out from crying that I can't do it. But please, buy and read this, you will not regret it. I'm so glad I did.

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