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City of Lost Souls by Cassie Clare

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5)City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
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OKAY people, so here I am about to write my review for this book. I finished it early this morning and hours later, I'm still wanting to reread it. I mean, HOLY SHIT!!! For those of you that have read it know how awesome and intense this book was. I knew it would be all kinds of awesome. But this book is much more than just awesome. It was brilliant, EPIC and AN UNFORGETTABLE book yet. So yea, in my profile I put on there that Daemon Black has surpassed my love of Jace. But honestly? He never did. I love Daemon, who doesn't love the sexy hot alien? But to be honest, JACE is the only fictional male that really has my heart and always has. He's always been a hero in my eyes and in this book, it's no different, despite his circumstances. I love every version of him...even though I cried out for the REAL Jace Lightwood-Wayland. Oh no, I'm getting teary again thinking about him. Crap, hold on...

Okay, sniff...ahem....seriously this series as a whole effects me in ways no other series ever could. I love them all, don't get me wrong and I love being captivated and swept in other worlds by these amazing series and books. But The Mortal Instruments series was ever the only series to make me truly wallow in self pity once I finished the last page. Ever since I read the first book I was instantly enveloped in a world that I never wanted out of. The shadowhunter world is truly a one of a kind world with such amazing characters to really effect me so profoundly that I found myself crying myself to sleep after reading and rereading them. To say City of Lost Souls was EPIC is an understatement in iteself. There is truly no word for how good this book was. Okay enough babbling...I'll get on with my review.

City of Lost Souls takes place after City of Fallen Angels. Let me say something real quick. When I read City of Glass, I really thought that was the end of the series and felt it was an amazing end with everyone happy and the war over and Valentine gone, it just made sense. Then we find out that she wrote City of Fallen Angels and I was like "What the hell? It was perfect the way it ended. Son of a bitch, more things are gonna happen" and I wasn't too happy about it. I read it, loved it but not as much as the rest. So then we find out there were two more books. I'm all about 5 or 6 books in a series and being that it was this one that kept going I was okay with it, because to be honest I didn't want the series to end. I love it too much. But holy damn, when I read this was not how I expected it to be. I understand why now she kept this series going and I'm happiest that she did. CASSIE, YOU'RE BRILLIANT!!!!!

So Sebastian and Jace are bonded to each other due to the spell that was performed and the blood and all that crap. They go missing and Clary, frantic is searching high and low for him. Actually everyone does. Well, until the clave decides that they are no longer top priority. They have other issues to contend with so they stop the search. But what about Alec, Izzy, Clary and Simon? They won't have it. They go on a search of their own. In the mean time, Sebastian has brainwashed Jace and pretty much made him his bitch. Everything Seb does or says, Jace does. It's sad to see this side of Jace. He's usually the not taking shit from other people kind of guy. It broke my heart to see him bow down to that bastard. When Jace comes to Clary in her dreams, he's actually in her room. He asks her to join him and Sebastian to form an army and raise Lilith and destroy the world yadda yadda yadda. Then there's a fight at Luke's house and he gets severely injured by Sebastian. Almost dies actually. Then they vanish in an instant and Jocelyn takes Clary away to Magnus after sending Luke to the station to get healed.

Magnus and Alec are still together but, Alec is so distrusting and insecure he really puts a wedge between them and their love for one another. He really got on my nerves at times and I wanted to slap him silly. I love Magnus and think he deserved better but I also love Alec in spite of his stupidity, what he almost did....really cost him everything. All because he couldn't get passed Magnus's past. HELLO YOU IDIOT.....HE FUCKING LOVES YOU.....QUIT BEING A DOUCHE!

Clary, unable to sit back and do nothing goes back to Luke's house where she knows Jace will come back for her...and he does. So she goes with him....only to find out their evil plan and try to stop them and also save Jace and bring the real him back. She takes the faery ring with her that is the only connection she has to Simon to let him know what's Sebastian is planning.

Simon and Isabelle obviously have feelings for each other and there were some sweet tender moments between them that made me giddy and happy for them..and hopeful. Yet, neither of them are truthful in their real feelings. It makes me sad...well Simon is not truthful. Izzy told him she liked him. But I think with everything going on, his love or crush on Izzy is the last thing on his mind. This one part with them kinda made me uncomfortable at first but then it was! I love these two and hope they hook up already in the last book.

Alot of people didn't like the whole Jordan-Maia story. I understand everyone's view on it but afterall, they've been in this series since almost the beginning. I would hate for Cassie to just drop them like a bomb. I enjoyed their story. I was happy they finally got together. I really liked Jordan, despite what he did to Maia. But his love for her was sweet, made me teary during his vulnerable moments. The way they went to great lengths to help their friends, it was admirable. They are great characters.

Sebastian....oh you fucking sick asshole. I hope you ROT IN HELL in the last book. OMG, I actually felt bad......BAD for him. At one point I was confused, the way he treated Clary and saved her from demons. I actually thought he was trying to be good. He totally had me fooled. It was sickening. I wanted to bash his face in then stick a sword in his heart and twist it until there was nothing left of him. I despise, loathe this evil son of a bitch. He was more evil than Valentine ever was. And I hated Valentine. But Sebastian was revolting...disgusting sick creep. The things he tried to do with Clare.....HIS SISTER. *gag* Yea, it was kind of gross when we all thought Jace and Clary were brother and sister and they kissed. But I already fell hard for him. And it just couldn't be right. It wasn't that gross for me, I just felt bad for their situation. But this, this was in every way wrong. I hope and pray that Jace cuts his heart out and feeds it to Simon in CoHF. Oh Lord...CoHF, TWO YEARS. OMG.......

Clary. I loved Clary in this book more than any of the previous books. She was so much stronger and held her own quite well against Sebastian. She's really come in to her shadowhunter life. I loved her love for Jace that she would do ANYTHING for him. She never gave up hope and went through so much shit to save him even if she wasn't completely sure there was anything left to save. It was so amazing. I think I would have done the same thing...I love Jace just as much. I will fight Clary for him. LOL not really, well yes really. No wait, I like Clary too much to hurt her after ALL she's been through since City of Bones. I guess I just have to sit back and watch them have lots of babies and live on a farm with a white picket fence. Sigh. Oh wait, sorry I got off track here. Totally daydreaming, sorry guys.

Jace. Oh Jace, what do I say about this guy? No words could ever describe my love for Jace. He's just....Jace. The hottest, bravest, sweetest, wittiest and damn well irresistable guy on the planet...or the fictional world. Really, he is not kidding. I ached and yearned for him for a year. A YEAR. This book never disappointed. He never disappointed. Every scene with Jace was an amazing experience and even though he wasn't our beloved Jace through most of it. The moments when he was, made it all worth while. I knew eventually he would come through. I knew he would be him again. I just wished I saw more of him because at the very end of it, I was sobbing my eye balls out. His speech right before he was saved really started it. The fact that he'd rather die than let Sebastian destroy human kind was heroic and admirable and it made me swoon for him even more. Seriously, he just made my chest and heart ache. When Clary stabbed him in the chest and we thought Jace would die I screamed and was frantic and wide eyed. It was like a bad dream coming to life. I knew Cassie surely wouldn't kill him off like that but I still couldn't help crying and panicing. "My heart is your hands are your hands" OMG....KILL ME NOW! PUT A STAKE IN MY HEART AND BURY ME....this was one of the most beautiful lines I've ever heard from Jace. The things he says makes my heart skip beats and thump out of my chest. UGH, why can't all guys be like him??? Okay, bottom line, I loved Jace so much. His love for Clary never wavered and he was always gentle with her. Okay, enough about him I'm getting emotional again. SHIT!

The end. OMG that ending. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. The best part was when they were turning everyone into the bad shadowhunters and then you see one of them die and look up.....there's Alec...and the rest of them. Everyone together helping and saving Jace and Clary and the human race. It. Was. Awesome.! I SOBBED MY EYES OUT. There is no greater beauty than to see your favorite characters work together, protect each other and everyone they love. OMFG. It was unbelievable. I felt like I was there the whole time. The action of the war going on was like so real, I was front and center. I swear, Cassie has the best writing when it comes to detail. She never leaves anything out. Her imagination is wickedly amazing and I just don't know how she does it. But now, we have to wait. We have to endure TWO years of agony, torturous waiting until City of Heavenly Fire and sadly that will be the end. Over. No more more Jace. Clary. Simon. Alec. Magnus. Luke. Maia. Jordan. Jocelyn. It's the end of an era. No wait, it's just the end of THE BEST SERIES EVER WRITTEN. It will leave me sad, distraught, lonely, empty. Sure she has another series following CoHF but it won't be the same. NOTHING can ever replace TMI. Nothing.

My other favorite part was at the end when Alec and Izzy were at the infirmary with Jace. They are family and the love they each have for each other sends chills all over my a good way. But I cried when Izzy was telling him how she thought they lost him and how much they all mean to each other. Jeez, that was so emotional. They are so lucky to have each other and they would never turn their backs on one another, ever. God, I love this series more than anything. *wipes eyes*

All in all, these characters once again, were spectacular. They each played a big role and they went above and beyond their capability. I am glad they are all still alive and together once again. It sucks that Sebastian is on the run and claims that he's coming back. I'm scared for my friends, family. I hope they all make it out alive in the end. My heart can't take anymore sadness and loss...what with Max dying and all. I was sad that Amatis was killed but it had to be done. Stupid Sebastian and his evil ways. Okay, this is long enough so I shall leave you with some of my favorite quotes. ENJOY.

“I never cared,” he said. “I wanted you anyway. I always wanted you.”

“Sebastian never does anything just for fun.” Jace took Clary’s hand and pulled her toward him. “But I do.”

“Warlock,” he said. “I know who you are.”
Magnus raised his eyebrows. “You do?”
“Magnus Bane. Destroyer of the demon Marabas. Son of—”
“Now,” said Magnus, quickly. “There’s no need to go into all of that.”
“But there is.” The demon sounded reasonable, even amused. “If it is infernal assistance you require, why not summon your father?”
Alec looked at Magnus with his mouth open.”

“I don't care," Clary said. "He'd do it for me. Tell me he wouldn't. If I were missing-"
"He'd burn the whole world down till he could dig you out of the ashes. I know," Alec said.”

“Missing, one stunningly attractive teenage boy. Answers to 'Jace' or 'Hot Stuff”

“That thing that looks like me but isn't? He'll burn down the world if Sebastian wants him to, and laugh while he's doing it. That's what you're saving, Clary. That. Don't you understand? I'd rather be dead—”

“Of course it's not okay with me, I'm a teenage boy. As far as I'm concerned, this is the worst thing that's happenedd since I found out why Magnus was banned from Peru" - Jace”

“All I know is that I love you. And for the first time, that's good enough.”

“Not enough," he said, letting her hair slip through his fingers. "If I kiss you all day, everyday, for the rest of my life, it won't be enough.”

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Great Review!
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I like! I am totally behind on the series and need to catch up. Thanks for the cover reveal.

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