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Tempting the Best Man

Tempting the Best ManTempting the Best Man by J. Lynn
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GOD DAMN FUCKING SHIT. There I said it. I just read my first adult book and I didn't even know it. Okay, by the title of the book I should have guessed it. But let's not talk about my roots please, I'd rather discuss this book.

First of all, once again I was still out of town when I checked on GR and saw a friend had read this book. I had no idea what this book was about or who was the author or anything. I go on and read the synopsis...and yes it still didn't sink in that it was adult. Fuck, I'm slow, sue me! Anyway, so I read my friends' review and at the mere mention of JENNIFER L ARMENTROUT.....but secretly J. Lynn for this book, I was ALL OVER THIS SHIT! I marked it to read. And since I had no internet connection being that I was at my grandparents house who don't believe in internet for the love of God, I was pissed. I couldn't download it on my nook yet. Fuck me, I have to wait. I was dying..after reading the reviews I wanted that book then. I couldn't go anywhere that had reception either because my nook was dead. Just my luck.

So the first thing I do when I get home is download that son of a bitch on my barnes and noble account so once it was charged, I'd go to town on that book.

OH. DEAR. SWEET. BABY. JESUS. Okay, so Daemon who?? No wait, that's not fair...he'd have sex with Katy if the YA genre allowed it to go that far. Okay, so he's still my Daemon. *blows Daemon kisses*

When I first read this book, I didn't know what to expect. I was floored. Eventually it sunk in that this was NOT YA. No way, it couldn't be. I mean Jen used the word "cock" "dick" "hard on" so many times, I was like "fucking hell, just get it on already....hell I did." Oh did I ever. Gawd. Jesus. This was so very detailed and raunchy...and PERFECT. I mean, it's Jennifer Armentrout for Christ's sake. She could do no wrong. So I was planning on meeting Christian Grey for my first adult sexy sexcapades....but instead I meet Chase Gamble. Holy Hell. He set my vagina in a frenzy. Shit! First off, there is something sexy about that name to begin with...but add on a hot, sexual beast and good God. He made me weak in the knees....and of course many other places as well.

So upon Maddie's brother's wedding...she's of course Maid of Honor. Her longtime heartthrob crush who's been more like a brother to her in the protective sense....Chase *HARD ON* Gamble is Mitch's Best Man. Damn. That's a hard pill to swallow. They had one passionate night in college on the couch of his new nightclub's office, which left Maddie brokenhearted after telling her that he was drunk and that shit wasn't happening again.

Seeing Chase again after some time was as difficult and almost a slap in the face, reminder of her strong feelings that never dissipated. Everyone knows they are meant to be together. So why aren't they?

Because Chase won't get off his high horse and shove his "I'm like my cheating bastard father who will hurt you in the end" spiel up his ass. Really, he's nothing like his father who cheated on his mother and left her with 3 boys to raise on her own. They turned out to be great guys, even if they feel differently. I loved Chad. He was hilarious. And Chandler was pretty bad ass too. Their bond was really tight. But they grew up in the Daniels household, they spent more time with Mitch and Maddie and her parents than with their mother. They became a big family. So Chase always looked after her like a protective older brother. It was sweet and she enjoyed it...except she wanted more. Alot more. Friendship with Chase Gamble was never enough for Maddie. But he complicated everything.

In the scheme of things, they kept getting locked in places and pushed together as it was obvious the family revolted against them to make them realize they were meant to be together. They actually had to share a cabin during the wedding weekend. There was a mix up and only one cabin left....THE HONEYMOON SUITE at that. Damn...what more of a sign did that sexy man need. But he didn't want her to become just another one of his conquests. He truly cared about her, he was just afraid it was more than that....the L word. They got locked in a wine cellar and OMG...that scene was off the chain. It was sex sex sex....oh dear God I feel it between my thighs....*closes eyes*

Okay. *composed* Whew. So, after that their attraction and connection deepens and he realizes he can't keep his dick from erecting every time she's near and it drives him wild. He offers a night of hot and unforgettable sex...and then they can go back to being "normal" again.

Are you fucking kidding me? I was a little angry with him then...and so was Maddie. How dare he play her like that. Once his brother talks some Oprah sense into becomes perfectly clear to him that he's not his father. He's a decent guy who is capable of thinking with his heart...not just his cock. Oh Lord, I think there was a nuclear war that broke out....Hallelujah! He admitted it. Then following WOW, one of the most arousing and holy shit Jenn is brilliant. I can't think. My vag...oh my word...she I mean it like, well then and I was...see, I can't form a coherent sentence. That scene had all sorts of shit shooting out of me. Oh God, that was too personal. Erase that....I mean skip over that. Haha, my reviews get pretty explicit...about as explicit as Armentrout's sex scenes.

Well, the day after the sex of all sex scenes things get more complicated...and I won't say what happens next. You've got to read this...if you think Daemon is a sex crazed alien, God I can only imagine how he would be if he were to get sex Katy up. Mmmmmmm, pleasant thoughts.

So, after reading this my eyes filled with tears. God, I'm such a baby. But I loved it...of course the last 10 pages I was sitting there going "What the hell just happened? OMG, this is crazy...over that? But why didn't they? She didn't. But no, he did not! No, he didn't. Huh, I'm so confused." Yea that was eyes wide and mouth open ready to like hurl my nook at the window. But instead, I kept pushing through and reading. It was so good. Wow, Jennifer never ceases to amaze me with her awesomeness!!! I can't wait to read more of her erotic pieces...if she continues. Cause HOT DAMN she excels in the adult world...and we already knew she kicks ass in YA. Seriously, a Jennifer Armentrout fan??? Pick this book up!!!!

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OMG you are so damn funny! Your reviews rock!
Nereyda@Mostly YA Book Obsessed

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LOL thank you!!! I just tell it like it is! :)

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