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Review of Mark of the Princess

Mark of the Princess (The Kingdom Chronicles, #1)Mark of the Princess by B.C. Morin
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Can't think to come!!! :)

OKAY, I finally have come up with words to form this review. But before I do, let me please start off by saying this. Barbie and I have become such good friends before I even read her book. She is an amazing person inside and out. I saw her writing skills before purchasing her book(she can write an ending to any book and make it better than how it was originally written) and all I could say was "DAMN THIS GIRL HAS GOT SOME MAD SKILLS"!!! I was mesmerized from the start and quite intimidated might I add. I'm also a writer and when she read my first book(part of it anyway) I felt that I couldn't compete with her awesomeness. But then she told me she loved it and couldn't wait for more and that when we became famous and our books made it big, she wanted to do a book tour with me. I was floored and honored at the request. She is truly a beautiful person on so many levels and I have been blessed to have been graced with her awesome friendship. I am looking forward to many years of friendship and hope to one day tour with her like we talked about!

Okay, so she was kind enough to send me a signed copy and an awesome bookmark that I used during my adventures with these great characters. OMG, I can not begin to tell you how much I loved this book. The ending really had me going "OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I loved this book so much! I was captivated by this magical Fae world that Barbie created for us! I really did not want it to end. Although, it took me a little longer to finish than normally because there were things that went on and kept me from reading but I took this book everywhere and caught bits and pieces every chance I got. I took it with me several times to the park while my kids played, which was perfect cause it created the perfect scenery for what was going on in the story at the time so I felt like I was actually there in the story.


Alannah is a Fae princess of the kingdom of Meira. She's got a mark on her back which is significant to her powers that start to develop and she becomes more powerful. She is not good at controlling them yet. But she gets kidnapped by Maligo, an evil sorceror. He wants to use her to fight in a battle since her powers are so strong. Tristan and Kaleb are Faeries and Kaleb is the Prince of the kingdom of Talom. Evyette is Alannah's adopted sister. When Alannah gets kidnapped, they embark on a rescue mission to save her from Maligo and his army of trolls and bad guys.
While Alannah is locked up in a cell, alone and helpless....she gets rescued by the sexy Brennus. He's a warrior Faerie. And he is yummy. So while they escape, they run into Tristan, Kaleb and Evyette....and trouble. They fight a bunch of Fae hating trolls, rogue faeries and other creatures. As they try to get away without alot of problems, Evyette gets badly hurt. She almost dies, but not before Brennus takes her to the kingdom of the Magi who have the power to heal her. So they all go there where things get more complicated. In the mean time, Alannah has to work with the elder faeries to learn to control her powers. The adventures continue and there's never a dull moment in this action packed book filled with magic, love, and fun.

I loved the storyline. I haven't read many books in the Fae world and it was a great break from the typical vampire/werewolf/angel series. This was a wonderful adventure that I felt like I was there the whole time watching with my own eyes. Barbie has a way of creating a world that seems so real, you start to wonder what is and what isn't. It was a pleasure reading this story and the characters were all so amazingly described and well developed.


OMG, I loved all of the characters. It's hard to distinguish a favorite because they are all so awesome!!!

Alannah, the princess. She is one of my favorite heroines. She's brave, strong and a kick ass chick. I loved all of her scenes and felt she was so real. She was a powerful fighter and I know once all of her powers come in, she'll be stronger than ever!

Kaleb. Oh what do I say about him? I loved him since the beginning. He was a great guy and I felt he was perfect for her. He would do just about anything for Alannah. The love he had for her was so sweet. I really loved him....


Brennus is the real true mate for Alannah. I fell for him at the start too. He was brave and put his own life in danger at any cost to save Alannah's. He's amazing. Their relationship blossoms and then.....and then....OMG I will not continue that. Let's just say the ending had me saying "OMG NOOOOOOOOOO"!

Tristan. Oh my sweet Tristan. I don't know what to say about him. He's amazing! I really almost fell for him more than I did for Brennus. He's Kaleb's best friend. He was always by his side, helping him out and fighting with him. Ready to take on any dangers lurking around and he had no complaints. I'd almost dare to say that he was my favorite character. He also loved Evyette. He protected her as well. It was genuine, sweet emotions that I felt between the two of them. I was happy when they were together. And sad for him when Evy got hurt. I felt his pain he suffered during that time. Call me crazy, but I think they're love is almost more real than Alannah's an d Brennus....almost. So don't kill me.

Evyette. I liked her character development. She was described so well. She was a great sister to Alannah. She was adopted by Alannah's parents as a young baby. But they grew up together and really had a close relationship. It shows that blood isn't what always makes a family. It's the bond and connection and love. They have all of that. She could have stayed behind, allowing Tristan and Kaleb to go search for Alannah after she was kidnapped. But she wouldn't have that. She went along with them even when she knew there would be dangers. I admire her for that. Great sister.

The rest of the characters were done brilliantly as well. I loved the Queens and Kings of the kingdoms. Alannah and Kaleb's parents...they played big roles in this and I can't wait to see more of them in the next books. Each of the characters made an impact on me and even the bad and evil guys have a place in my heart. That's how well Barbie created them. It's not often that I love the majority of the characters in the book I read. There are characters I can relate to and those that are okay. That is definitely not the case here. I love them all and can't wait to share more adventures with them.


Like I said before, the writing style is mesmerizing and captivatin from the first page. I loved the magical world we got to live in. It was fascinating and very easy to follow. I loved the names she came up with for her characters. They are creative and unique. I mean geez this girl has the whole package. First it's the plot that grabs you and holds on til the last page....then the names of all the characters, that alone is intriguing. Also the names of each kingdom is ridiculously charming. Barbie is just an all around awesome person in every way imaginable. I can't wait to see what's in store for the characters in the next book. And I'm hoping I can somehow get my hands on it before it comes out so I can review it. Ahem. *hint hint*

Anyway, so to sum up this review.....THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING A FAIRYTALE SHOULD BE AND MORE. I didn't want it to end. Now I miss them, but at least I have the book so I can re read it before the next one comes out! GREAT JOB BARBIE!!!! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS OFF! :) <3

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