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Two-way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Two-Way StreetTwo-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. Wow. Wow. I finished this in a day, started it last night and couldn't put it down. I freakin loved it!!! Review to come!

Okay, so wow this book was AMAZING!!! First of all, I gotta give the author props! Her idea for the story was so well developed and thought of. Okay, so imagine this:

You and your ex just broke up for some unknown reason and you're heartbroken. He totally disses you and says he met someone else. Okay, whatever, obviously she's a slut and he's a dick. Case closed. Well then there's an important trip that has been planned prior to the break up and you are both supposed to go-together. Oh and its a LOOOOONG drive.
Do you still go?

Well, here is my thoery on this. Depending on the importance of the trip and whether or not you can make arrangements to go without him at the last minute. I mean, you're broken up and he's the why would you put yourself through such a horrible situation like that? Hmm okay while reading this, I totally imagined the whole time that it was me and my douche bag ex husband. OMG, I would have killed him before we got to our destination then threw his body in a secluded river(if there is one). I know, a little masochistic. But yea well, I'm sure we've all had thoughts like that about our exes but its not like we would ever really do it. I would go as far as planning it, then chicken out for the fact that I am not a murderer for one. And for another, I do not want to spend my life in jail. Oh and not to mention, it's a sin.

Getting on with my review now. I bought this book on impulse one night. I liked the plot, the setting, and the cover was interesting. So I bought it, though it sat on my book shelf for a few days and finally, just last night I pulled it out and started. I. WAS. HOOKED. I literally finished it within 24 hours. I couldn't put it down.

So Jordan and Courtney had a nice start to their relationship. They knew each other since high school, though they never really talked much and got together their senior year after hanging out at a party, a few months before graduation. Their friendship was sweet and romantic. It alternated perspectives. We got to see both sides to their story, which just like the title, there are two sides to every story...a two-way street when it comes to relationships. Courtney was still a virgin who was not so popular. But Jordan was the hottest and biggest player in school. Every girl wanted him and he knew it. Even I wanted him. They were a cute pair. Although, I didn't care for Courtney much but I adored Jordan from the start to finish. After catching his mom having an affair, he does his best to stay away from home. he spends alot of time with Courtney and they get really close. But there is a secret that keeps them apart. Eventhough he loves her, he has to break up with her. It's for the best for both of them. I was sad to see it end but once you read on, you understand why he had to do it. She is left in the dark and is forced to move on from him. But then her parents make her go on the trip to their college orientation together. It's a 3-day disaster. So what happens when she finds out all the secrets that's kept them apart? Read and find out.

The writing was captivating, compelling, intriguing, beautiful, amazing, and anything else I could probably think of. The only beef I had with this book was that there were many times a thought was repeated in many parts throughout the book. Like for instance: it would say 'Well, she looks beautiful', "You look beautiful." I said. or many times they would say something and then reiterate the thought many times with 'I mean' at the end. I understood the first time, every time. It was silly things like that. But other than that, it was simply amazing! I could overlook those small mistakes because it was minuscule. One thing I loved about this book was that it went back and forth between the past and the present. It started off in the present and would flip back and forth between both Courtney and Jordan. That was pretty cool to see and I absolutely enjoyed it!

The setting. This was brilliant. I loved the setting, in Florida, North Carolina and many other states that were mentioned. There was alot of detail and I could picture myself there in every second. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a must read.

The characters. I liked most of the characters. Jocelyn, Courtney's best friend was cool. I didn't like her the first half of the book. She pissed me off. Eventhough she was looking out for Court, I felt she was very hypocritical at times and I wanted to slap her. But she redeemed herself at the end. BJ, Jordan's best friend and Jocelyn's boyfriend was awesome! I liked him alot. He was funny, sarcastic and a loyal friend to Jordan. He was a great character to the story. I could picture him as a cute beefy guy with facial hair and glasses, eventhough he didn't wear any. He kind of reminded me of that nerdy guy on Revenge of the Nerds, not the main character but the big guy. Though BJ was sweet and he was a great boyfriend to Jocelyn. Lloyd was eh, okay. I didn't like him much. Courtney was in love with him for 6 years but never told him. Then after high school before she leaves for college he makes out with her and expects her to just be with him. He was kinda a creep. But luckily he wasn't in the book that much. Then there was Courtney's douche bag dad, which I hated the most! I wanted to beat the shit out of him. Oh and kick him in the balls. But I guess without him being such an evil person, there wouldn't really be a story to tell. Still, I hated him. Courtney, ummm she was ok. I mean I understood her hostility towards Jordan because she doesn't know the reason Jordan had to break up with her. I can sympathize with her to an extent. But she was still kind of annoying and whiney more to the point of "OMG, shut the hell up". But by the end, I liked her better. As for Jordan, I LOVED HIM!!! The whole way through, I felt so much love for him and I felt so bad for him too. He really loved Courtney but there were things he couldn't tell her just yet. And he had his reasons. Some would say it was a cowardice move but I think if I was thrown in that situation, I would have done the same thing. He was sexy and vulnerable and sweet and oh so SWOON WORTHY!!! He made my tummy do some crazy weird stuff!!! He is on my top 10 fictional boyfriend list.

I highly reccommend this book to those that love an adventure or romantic story. It was fun and also at times heartbreaking but it was worth the pain. You saw how their love started out and developed, growing stronger and eventhough it ended, their love never died. So beautiful! Easily 5/5 stars!!

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