Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Book on the Horizon

Right Kind of Wrong

So, I've got about 3 books I'm hoping to publish this year. We'll see how that goes. Although, I know it's not a question of finishing them. I have two almost done and one I've just started but I'm getting in depth of the story. I'm pretty excited! My beta, Christy has been reading it as I get more chapters done. And so far, she loves it as much as I do. 

Two amazing guys take over this book. So yeah, it's a freakin love triangle. I hate...loathe love triangles. But the last two have been just that. Love triangles. Gah! Oh well, I'm pretty torn as far as who I want my leading lady to end up with. But then it's not predictable, right? It keeps me guessing. So, here's a little bit about this book:

Alyssa graduated high school, she's working at a restaurant to save up for a car. Her co-worker Connor is apparently a player, but there's more to him than he let's people see. His parents are assholes...and well, I'm not gonna give much away. He's sweet, misunderstood and twenty. His hair is my favorite's spiky because he uses as much product as Jesse from Full House but he's hot. Brownish hair and blue-green eyes, with sexy dimples when he actually smiles. 

Alyssa is turning 18 after the summer. Her brother's best friend, Hunter is a cop. He's sexy, with dark hair. He's got some baggage and a girlfriend who's such a bitch. He's almost twenty-one at the start of the book. But his friendship with Alyssa (Lyss as he calls her), has been nothing but platonic. But one thing is certain...he's starting to see her differently. She's more mature than some girls his age. She's responsible and hell of a listener. When Hunter tries to forget his past, and looks to the present, he realizes she may be what he needs to move on from the tragedy that took his younger brother. The only problem is, her dad is his boss which makes shit very complicated.

Alyssa has to choose who to trust and who to help, between Connor and his fucked up home life and Hunter with his tragic past, things are gonna get ugly. For all of them. 

It's in both Alyssa and Hunter's POV, but this book is nothing if not, unpredictable. I'm having a blast writing it, however, it's also very disconcerting because I'm so torn between both guys. And I'm not sure if it'll be two-parts or not. As of right now, it's just one....but that doesn't mean shit. The ending might end in a cliffie for all I know.

Here's my cast of the boys. I will post a pic of Alyssa another time. 

Connor Lane

Officer Hunter Riley


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