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Seduced in the Dark- ~C.J Roberts

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2)Seduced in the Dark by C.J. Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW WOW WOW I can't stop crying. This was....I just. Gah, my emotions are everywhere right now. I seriously need time to process what I just read. Maybe tomorrow I can write a proper review. But holy shit. I love Caleb. LOVE him!!!! A-Fucking-Mazing!!!!!!

“Once upon a time, Caleb held me captive in the dark, now he used it to seduce me.”

Well, I just realized I never did my review for Captive in the Dark. So I will have to rectify the situation-what an absurd ordeal. Though out of the two, I would have to say this book is my favorite. And yes, it's MUCH more intense, darker, more hair pulling, eye gauging, wanna slap a bitch up fucked up book and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!! I seriously wanted to scream, punch holes in the wall, throw my laptop and phone down on the ground in surrender and ram my car into a tree. That is how disturbing and dark this book is. My thoughts became so volatile and wretched, I had to force myself to stop reading sometimes. It consumed me-my every thought. I was a wreck. I couldn't sleep well and I didn't eat much while reading this for fear of retching. Some parts were so appalling I didn't know why I was reading it. I kept saying, "What the fuck am I still enamored by this damn book? It's making me sick."

But then my answer, the only answer it could be....CALEB. CALEB. CALEB. CALEB. CALEB.
Yeah, I was in love with Caleb. I'm guilty!

“So, that's it? You think I'm just some idiot that fell for your bullshit! Well you're wrong! I fell in love with you, Caleb. I fell in love with your sick sense of humor. I fell in love with the way you protected me. You saved my life!" - Livvie”

Ahhh, didn't he save us all??? God, how I love him! He's mine Livvie!


I knew this book would be an emotional rollercoaster as was Captive in the Dark. But daaaaaaamn, I hadn't anticipated all the sharp turns and hills, going up and down, side to side then plummeting to my death. Woaaaaah, let's put on the breaks please. This ride was a lot of things. All the things we discover about these characters made me say "WHAT????" But through most of it, I just sat there numb and cried.

Livvie. Oh how I loved this stupid awesome girl. We both had something in common in falling for the psycho sicko. She was such a stronger more fearless girl in this book. Everything she went through made her so brave. You felt her pain, literally. You wanted to hold her while she cried and tell her it would be okay-or just take her and run the fuck out of there. You wanted to protect her and keep her safe from those sick fucks! You just wanted to be there to support her. I admire Olivia's character very much. Oh my gosh, the pain, agony, despair she suffered through most of it was enough to send you to the mental house. I really loved her. I found myself though, wishing I was in her place. (Yes, I'm a total whack job, I know.) But it's true. I'll take her place.
You hear that Caleb??? Pick ME ME ME!!!!! I'll be your prisoner!

Livvie Quotes:

“I love you, Caleb. I love you! If you care for me at all... please, don't do this! Please, don't leave me. I don't know how to live without you. Don't make me go back to trying to be someone I don't know how to be anymore. - Livvie”

“Softly, he inhales and exhales as we kiss. He never stops kissing me; he simply continues to steal my breath, returning it to me only when he’s infused it with his essence. Pure lust lives inside him. Every breath I take should come from his lungs.”

“In the dark, my master let down his guard and he was Caleb again. He didn’t correct me. He didn’t punish me. He didn’t push me away emotionally. Caleb was there to hold me until the nightmares passed. He was there to tell me I was beautiful. He was there to tell me I was going to be okay. In the dark, he seduced me. I didn’t want the seduction to end.”

“I'm fucked in the head, too. Even before I met you.”

“I don’t want revenge, Caleb. I don’t want to end up like you, letting some fucking vendetta run my life. I just want my freedom. I want to be free, Caleb. Not someone’s whore…not even yours.”

“The na├»ve girl in me had been bitch-slapped into womanhood. I’d been razed by pain, grief, loss and suffering, and honed by lust, rage and an acute awareness of my need to survive.”

Caleb. Oh my, what to really say about Caleb?? I loved him in Captive. Though he was fucked up in that one too-but worse in this book. I came to love him more. In Seduced, we really see another side to him that we're not used to. It's a wonderful side but still very unfamiliar. One minute he shows a smidge of kindness then the next he's whipping her like a dog. It was disturbing yet I couldn't stop reading. I wanted to hate him and a part of me did, but when I got glimpses of the Caleb that could love another person or the Caleb that felt remorse for the things he'd done-or even the Caleb that would let himself feel...something other than the lust for revenge, I knew that deep within his rage and anger, he was just one fucked up lost soul that needed to be saved. THAT Caleb I loved with all my heart because once he knew that it was okay to be human and make mistakes, he was everything Livvie needed-and me too. Ha! Honestly, as effed up as loving him sounds, I would be stupid not to. He was mislead, betrayed, lied to, raped, beaten to a bloody pulp, deceived and transformed into a monster. But it wasn't his fault. Yes, he did bad, very bad unspeakable things. Very disturbing and unforgiveable things. And I guess there are no excuses for that. BUT because of his fucked up childhood, he didn't know any better. Maybe he did as an adult, but he was already in so deep, how can one recover from that? My heart broke for him. I cried for him. I felt his pain, anguish, longing, loneliness, betrayal, hatred...I felt all of that too! It was horrible!!! My poor Caleb!! Oh how I would fix you poor, tortured boy!

Caleb Quotes:

“I've been doing this a long time- manipulating people to get my way. That's why you think you love me. Because I've broken you down and built you back up to believe it. It wasn't an accident. Once you leave this behind..... you'll see that. -Caleb”

“That you could fix me? What's more, that I could fix you? Well, Sorry, pet, I don't want to be fixed. - Caleb”

The word was a declaration. It rocked him to his very foundation. It was a truth he’d kept hidden for far too long. Caleb didn’t know anything about love, or loving anyone, but he knew… Livvie was his.”

“She kisses my scars and I create new ones for her.”

“What are you doing ?" She said and laughed.
"I was curious," he whispered.
"About what ?"
"If happy tears taste the same as the sad ones," he said.”

“Live for me, Kitten. Be all those things you'd never be with me. Go to school. Meet a normal boy and fall in love. Forgive me. It's time for you to go, Kitten. Time for us both, to go.”

All in al, this book was definitely a tossing-turning kind of ride. I recommend these books to those that can handle the Fifty Shades books. Though these are darker and more fucked up, I say they are BETTER!!! If you love Fifty-you'll love Caleb MORE!!! Seriously, these were incredible. What a joy ride! But be prepared for the shock and clusterfuck of shit that happens! You'll be mentally and emotionally drained by the end. God, one minute I was screaming in rage-the next I was weeping for Caleb-then sobbing for Livvie and all she had to endure-then I was in shock-turned disgust-to hatred filled madness. Oh what a bloody mess! The end. Oh God, I can't say much but I will say the last 35% of this book had me on pins and needles. I couldn't sit still. I couldn't be disturbed. I ignored my kids to find out what happened to our beloved Olivia and Caleb. All I will say is.....

READ IT!!!! You won't regret it-maybe but if so...then that is your fault. I am saying now, it's dark and so effed up. But it is worth every bit!!

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Great review, Annie!! I was completely speechless after reading this! It was such a ride!! <3

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